What Type of Massage Therapy is the Best Massage in Rehoboth?

What Type of Massage Therapy is the Best Massage in Rehoboth?

best-massageOne of the best ways to relax, unwind and de-stress is to take advantage of massage and body treatments. If you are new to the idea of massage therapy, figuring out which type of treatment will provide you with the best massage in Rehoboth can be kind of overwhelming. From Swedish Massage Therapy to Deep Tissue Massage, having an understanding of the different types of treatments that are available will help you to choose the best type based on your unique needs and the results that you hope to achieve.

Aromatherapy Massage
One of the more popular types of massage therapy is aromatherapy. This type of massage includes the addition of essential oils designed to help you relax and reduce stress. Your therapist can help you to choose from a variety of oils made from various plant extracts, including herbs, flowers and fruits, that will help you to get more out of your massage and body treatments experience. Some are better at making you feel energized, while others are better at relaxation or reducing stress.

Swedish Massage Therapy
Out of all the different types of massage therapy, Swedish Massage Therapy is the most popular. It is so common that some spas will just call it “a Swedish” or simply “massage therapy” without stating what type that it is. Swedish Massage Therapy is also a popular type of Southeastern Massachusetts couples massage because it is extremely gentle and relaxing. The therapist applies massage lotion or oil in long, circular movements. This is an excellent choice for first-timers who are new to massage and body treatments.

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth stones are heated and carefully placed on specific points of the body to help relax tight muscles, reduce stress and get deep down to address muscle tension issues without a deep tissue massage. For the best massage in Rehoboth using hot stones, visit Cristallo Spa and Salon where we use warmed basalt stones and rejuvenating oil to heal and soothe your tired, achy body.

Tee Relief Massage
Specifically designed to help golfers to improve their range of motion and flexibility, this type of massage is excellent for clients who have issues with their arms, shoulders and lower back. Repetitive motion due to practicing a golf swing, for example, can often cause issues in these areas. This is a popular option for massage therapy at the Hillside Country Club.

Deep Tissue Massage
Another popular type of massage and body treatments used around the world, this massage therapy targets the connective tissue and deep layers of muscle. The therapist works across the muscle grain the create friction using slow strokes. It is used for people who are recovering from an injury, suffer from postural issues, have experienced repetitive movement strain or have muscles that are chronically tight or painful. This is not recommended for first-timers, as people who receive Deep Tissue Massage will often feel sore for a day or two after the therapy because of how deep the massage gets into the muscles.

“Rejuvenation for Two” Massage
The absolute best massage in Rehoboth for couples is the Rejuvenation for Two at Cristallo Spa and Salon. A popular Southeastern Massachusetts couples massage, this therapy provides the popular Hillside Signature Massage for two in a private couples’ room. Great for couples, friends or loved ones. Our Hillside Signature Massage combines the most popular massage methods offered at our day spa: Swedish Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage.

Tips for Your First Massage Therapy Appointment
When you go for your first massage and body treatments, remember that you are in charge. In order to get the best massage in Rehoboth, MA for your particular tastes and needs you need to speak up about what you want and not be afraid to ask questions or say no if you aren’t comfortable with some of the services. Ask about privacy issues, such as using a towel or a sheet, as well as having a private room for massage therapy treatments.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to strip down completely for a massage. Only remove the clothing that you are comfortable removing. If you don’t want to remove any clothing, make sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes that will allow the therapist to give you a proper massage. Communicate with your therapist about any allergies that you have that could be affected by the oils or lotions used. For example, a tree nut allergy could cause reactions to Shea butter and other popular massage ingredients.

If you have any questions about massage therapy in general or want information on how to sign yourself and a friend up for a relaxing Southeastern Massachusetts couples massage, contact Cristallo Spa and Salon at the beautiful Hillside Country Club for more information. Give us a call at 508-342-5735 or use our online form to request an appointment.

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