Skin Treatments: Dermatologist vs. Day Spa in Massachusetts

Skin Treatments: Dermatologist vs. Day Spa in Massachusetts

dermatologistWhen it comes to getting elite skin care treatment for people who have skin that is oily, dry, acneic, blotchy or just in need of special attention, look no further than the Cristallo Spa and Salon, a local Rehoboth day spa that provides a wide variety of custom skin treatments. There are many different types of professionals that can be consulted with regard to skincare. While there are some situations where going to a dermatologist should be the only course of action, when it comes to basic facial treatment or specific treatment of acne, dry skin or other non-medical related conditions, going to a day spa in Massachusetts could be your best bet.

Why Get Treatments for Skin Conditions at a Day Spa?
The number one reason why many people turn to a custom elite skin care treatment at their local spa and salon instead of going to a dermatologist is that the beauty technician will spend a lot more time with each appointment, working to clear up your condition. Dermatologists, just like other medical doctors, typically limit their patient appointment time to 10-20 minutes tops, depending on the situation.

If you are heading into the doctor’s office to talk about your dry skin condition, chances are he will write you up a quick prescription and send you on your way. When you visit a beauty technician, who is trained to address a wide range of conditions and provide various custom skin treatments, you will spend about an hour to an hour and a half on average for each visit.

The visit will include an initial consultation, a facial treatment, a custom moisturizer or condition-specific treatment and follow up with information about how to care for your skin between visits. Cristallo Spa and Salon has a large menu of skin treatments that can be used to address common issues faced by our clients, but our Rehoboth day spa also can provide truly custom services for professional results.

What is the Difference Between a Dermatologist and a Day Spa Treatment?
The most noticeable difference between going to a day spa in Massachusetts and a dermatologist for elite skin care treatment to address specific conditions or issues is that the day spa cannot write prescriptions. However, professional day spas do have access to products that simply cannot be purchased by consumers and have years of training and experience that help them to recommend the best products to address each client’s needs.

Dermatologists are actual physicians and can be quite costly, especially if your insurance does not cover visits to treat common conditions, such as dry skin, oily skin, acne or uneven complexion. Wrinkle, fine line and sun spots are also rarely covered by insurance, so chances are a visit to the dermatologist for these issues could be expensive. The Cristallo Rehoboth day spa is also more equipped to provide elite skin care treatment to clients that will yield faster results than prescription pills or long-term treatments usually given by dermatologists.

Why Non-Prescription Methods Are Best
Unless you have a serious skin condition, such as an allergic reaction, rashes, chronic rosacea, psoriasis or severe acne, you most likely do not need a prescription medication. Dermatologists prescribe oral and topical medications that are often much stronger than the patient needs. These methods should only be used after other skin treatments have proven not to be helpful. There are often side-effects associated with prescription medications and some can interfere with other essential medications that are essential to the patient’s health.

Many doctors will also agree that prescription medications should be the last resort. It is better to get to the root of the problem and try to cure it with a combination of visits to your local day spa in Massachusetts, changes in diet and other health-related habits. This will provide a more long-term solution without having to resort to taking prescription medications for an indefinite period of time.

What to Expect at Cristallo Spa and Salon
Speak with the beauty technician at the Rehoboth day spa to discuss your current skin care routine and any concerns that you might have. When you book an appointment, make sure to state what type of services you are interested in getting and what you are hoping to achieve. Cristallo Spa and Salon has a wide variety of elite skin care treatment options, including facials, moisturizers, masques, skin firming and pore cleansing formulas, peels and much more. Give us a call today at 508-342-5735 to begin your journey toward having healthier, smoother, better looking skin!

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