Manicures & Pedicures

Treat yourself to a beautiful manicure, pedicure or combined mani-pedi experience at Cristallo Spa and Salon in Rehoboth, MA. You can also order manicures and pedicures to be combine with any of our other custom skin treatments, massage therapy services and body treatments for a fantastic day at the spa!

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Classic Manicure


Begins with a warm towel wrap to soothe and clean hands before detailed shaping and cuticle care. Moisturizing hand massage followed by your choice of polish color or natural buffing.

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Spa Manicure


A decadent treatment, which utilizes a custom-blend of salt, citrus grass and agave nectar scrub, is followed by an aromatherapy warm towel cleanse and finishes with a moisturizing massage for soothed and softened skin. Includes detailed shaping, cuticle care and your choice of polish color or natural buffing.

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UV Gel Manicure


Enjoy a 14-day (plus) flawless polish experience, featuring superior color, mirror shine and absolutely no dry time or nail damage. Choose from trend-setting shades for a truly chip-free, extended-wear nail color experience.

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Classic Pedicure


Your feet are soaked with an aromatic soak to relax and prepare for detailed care of the soles, cuticles, and nail shaping. A moisturizing leg massage is followed by your choice of polish color or natural buff.

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Spa Pedicure


Begin your pedicure with a custom blended salt/sugar scrub, followed up with a warm mask and finishes with an aromatherapy massage with hot stones to soften and soothe your skin. Includes arm and hand massage, nail shaping, cuticle care and choice of polish color or natural buff.

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*NEW* CBD Pedicure


Sit back and enjoy as you begin your deeply relaxing experience while your feet enjoy the CBD soak. Once your feet are well soaked, we’ll give them expert nail, callus, and cuticle care, next comes the salt scrub exfoliation, finishing with a CBD Massage. Perfect For those aches and pains!

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Detox Pedicure


Black charcoal is know as an effective detoxifier. It works by attracting and absorbing dirt, which are washed away with the charcoal during the pedicure treatment. This 4 step Pedi Spa Detox System is an excellent way to purify, polish, and restore tired feet.

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Nail Add Ons

Extra Moisture Booties $8

French Add On $8

Hot Stone $5

Deep Callus Remover $7

Paraffin $13

Gel Add On For Pedi $11


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