On Track To Being Your Healthiest, Happiest You!

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions across the board is the determination to get healthier. To achieve these goals many people join gyms, cut calories, and within a few weeks find themselves eating potato chips while binge watching Netflix and paying for a gym membership they aren’t using. The problem with their approach isn’t that their goals aren’t worthy – in fact, it would be hard to find a more worthy goal than taking care of yourself – but for many people the steps required to get healthier simply aren’t enjoyable. As with anything, though, there are other ways to become healthier and happier in the New Year (or at any time of year!) without torturing yourself at the gym and eating a diet that consists only of kale and rice cakes.

Spa treatments – everything from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures – are an integral part of becoming your healthiest, happiest you. If your goals include losing weight the pounds won’t necessarily melt off by getting a regular massage, but it has been proven that stress hormones such as cortisol are responsible for excess weight gain, and massages (such as our aromatherapy or hot stone massages) are the perfect antidote for a stressful week at work. Additionally, if you’re planning to hit the gym more this year, indulging in regular massages will help to ease muscle tension and soreness, and increase flexibility which in turn will help you to have more productive and enjoyable workouts.

It’s also been noted that positive reinforcement and feedback are powerful tools when it comes to forming long-lasting healthy habits. Our Anti-Cellulite Sculpting Wrap is the perfect complement to a new gym and healthy eating routine, as it will help to firm your skin and reduce cellulite and therefore accentuate the results of your hard work giving you a form of visual and tactile confirmation that your efforts are paying off.

There’s also no better way to keep yourself on track than to work toward smaller goals or tangible rewards. For many people embarking on a new diet and exercise regime – or just a quest for overall healthiness – one of their top tricks is to reward themselves with a small treat at certain milestones. For example, if you make it to the gym every day for two weeks why not treat yourself to one of our Calming Facials or a Spa Pedicure? These rewards will provide you with the encouragement to stay focused and will also provide you with an opportunity to relax, decompress, and destress which will in turn lead to peace of mind.

In our opinion, though, one of the best goals for any person to have is to become their happiest self. Fitting into your skinny jeans or being able to run a half-marathon are absolutely great intentions, but if you don’t feel good about yourself or are mentally exhausted from all of life’s other obligations then you won’t be able to truly enjoy being your “new you.”  Setting aside some time each week or month just for you – no kids, no cell phones, no worrying about folding laundry or running to the grocery store – can have an amazing effect on your mental well-being which will then translate to your physical well-being. A clear, relaxed mind will lead to a better, more restful night’s sleep, more patience throughout the day for life’s little annoyances, and less cravings for things like carbs, sugar, and alcohol which should all, in turn, equate to more energy during the day to tackle your obligations and add in a few things you simply enjoy doing. And, of course, the more relaxed you are the less stress hormones your body will produce which may help you to shed some stubborn pounds.

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