Nail Salon in Rehoboth: Top 7 Benefits of a Classic Pedicure

Nail Salon in Rehoboth: Top 7 Benefits of a Classic Pedicure

benefits-of-pedicureOne of the most popular salon treatments that is enjoyed by both women and men around the world, is the classic pedicure. Most pedicures will start off with a cleansing foot soak that provides the skin with softening ingredients that will help in the overall treatment process. Exfoliating is a popular addition to the classic pedicure, helping to smooth rough edges, slough off dead skin cells and leave behind great looking feet that you will be proud to show off. The spa version of the pedicure also includes skin softening lotions and moisturizers, which are massaged into feet and legs from a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

Cristallo Spa and Salon features a wide variety of services, but is also known throughout the area as a popular Southeastern Massachusetts nail salon, providing manicures, pedicures, massages, body treatments and specialty options, such as a UV gel manicure and pedicure, unique foot soaking products and softening creams. Visit this beautifully designed nail salon in Rehoboth, located within the scenic property of the Hillside Country Club. Call to book an appointment, but walk-ins are welcome!

Beneficial Side-Effects of Getting a Pedicure
When you visit your local salon for a classic pedicure, you are getting much more than a coat of fresh polish and a good soak in a sweet smelling bath. There are many beneficial side-effects to getting a pedicure at a professional Southeastern Massachusetts nail salon that you just can’t get by taking care of grooming at home.

#1 – Dry Skin Treatment
Living in the New England area – or even just visiting to enjoy the winter season – can mean dealing with dry, seasonal skin. When you visit the Cristallo spa and nail salon in Rehoboth, our technicians can help you beat the effects of dryness by scrubbing and exfoliating your feet to help soften them, especially the big toe and heel areas, which suffer the most damage. Even severely dry skin, cracked heels and cuticle issues can be mended through proper treatment options when you get a classic pedicure.

#2 – Healthy Nail Care
When you remove polish and put new polish on at home, you can’t really look at your feet and spot out potential problems, conditions and issues the way that a professional pedicurist can. When you come into the local Southeastern Massachusetts nail salon on a regular basis for classic pedicure or UV gel manicure services, your technician can spot out any disorders, infections, conditions and potential problems right away. They may be able to treat some of the problems on-site, but some issues will require medical attention. However, spotting out these issues before they become big problems will help you cure them faster.

#3 – Releasing Stress
Getting a classic pedicure has been proven to help release tension, reduce stress and promote positive health improvements. Your nail salon in Rehoboth can help you choose the pedicure package that will best suit your unique needs and provide you with the healthy results that you desire. From the warm foot soak to the ingredients used to soften skin, the entire experience really does a lot to improve relaxation and positive health benefits for mind, body and soul.

#4 – Improved Blood Flow
Studies have shown that leg massage and classic pedicure treatments can help to improve blood flow. Proper blood flow helps to clean the toxins from your body. Doctors recommend that you drink a large glass of pure water or mineral water following a leg massage to help wash to removed toxins from your body. There are many related health benefits to improving circulation and keeping the body free from toxin build-up. Regular visits to your Southeastern Massachusetts nail salon at Hillside Country Club can help!

#5 – Cuticle Health
Many people overlook the importance of good cuticle health, but it is actually very important. Not only will overgrown cuticles leave your feet and nails looking unkempt and dry, but they will also make your pedicure look rushed or unprofessional. Our technicians will pay special attention to your cuticles as part of the classic pedicure, pushing them back and gently scraping dead cuticles off of your nail plate.

#6 – Smoother Feet
Who doesn’t want smooth looking feet? A classic pedicure can help make your feet look and feel so much smoother, softer and silkier – even after just one treatment. Your cuticles, toes, heels and even the bottoms of your feet will feel soothed, relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated following a pedicure treatment at the Cristallo nail salon in Rehoboth. Moisturizing lotions and dry skin treatments can help even the most challenging feet become smooth and beautiful.

#7 – Looking Good
Of course one of the most obvious and sought after benefits of getting a classic pedicure at your local Southeastern Massachusetts nail salon is to look good. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles, including UV gel manicure treatments that last 14-days or more, to get the look and feel that you desire. Your therapist will provide your nails with a professional quality base coat to help protect your nail plate and a top coat to lock in color for long-lasting results.

To find out more about all of the classic pedicure, massage therapy and salon treatments available at Cristallo Spa and Salon located within the tranquil scenery of the Hillside Country Club, browse through our website or give us a call at 508-342-5735. We can help you book an appointment at our popular nail salon in Rehoboth or let you know our schedule, so you can walk-in when you have time. In addition to our manicure and pedicure treatments, we also feature a wide variety of hair, massage, body, skin care and other spa options to provide you with all the pampering, beauty, relaxation and care you require.

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